Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's a Girl! Penny Carnival Baby Shower

Yesterday I revealed my plans for my friend Mimi's baby shower in the event she has a boy. Today I'm getting a little more girly. I think the vintage toy theme works well for either gender, but Mimi has given me such cute (and theme-friendly!) names to work with. Since her chosen girl name is Penny, I decided to take the vintage style in a different direction and came up with a "Penny Carnival," complete with popcorn, pennants, and a "penny candy" buffet.

The aqua and red theme remains from the boy shower, but I'm adding a few other colors for that carnival vibe.

Images courtesy of (clockwise): cupcakes, Cake Central; tissue poms, Pom Love; popcorn favors, Candles and Favors; dessert table, Amy Atlas Events.

Now comes the hard part: waiting to find out what she's (and I'm!) having. Pin It

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