Thursday, July 28, 2011

Slightly Less Miserable

Well, I shared my disgusting Hallway of Sadness a while back a YEAR AGO. And then I hemmed and hawed over which  stencil to choose, and then I was too cheap to buy the one I wanted. AND THEN I decided, why buy a stencil, when painter's tape is so much cheaper, and stripes only require tape and patience?

I mean, that is a good-lookin' floor. Via Little Blue Chairs. 
I was looking at my nasty ol' fake parquet floor, trying to decide how far apart to space the stripes, what colors, etc., when it occurred to me that the parquet pattern would lend itself to something kind of awesome.

Do you see it? No, not the filth and sadness; the pattern that finally jumped out at me. Let me back up a bit.
I am fully on board the chevron/zig-zag love train. Half of my pins on Pinterest reflect this.

From Chez Larsson. Swoon.
 And I wanted to buy this Urban Outfitters light blue zigzag rug for Dean's nursery, but as with all things Urban Outfitters, it sold out in the thirty minutes between the time I first saw it and the moment I decided to purchase it.

So, when I was looking all cross-eyed, magic-eye-style at the Hallway of Shame, I was delighted (well, as delighted as one could be in the Pit of Despair) when this occurred to me:

Eh? EH? And would you believe, I am NOT a graphic designer? Seriously! I know--It's some sort of innate gift. Anyway, I know you thought there wasn't a way to make that hallway look sadder, unless some tool put Paint lines on it. But you get where I am going, I hope.

Then I consulted the wise and powerful Internets, because there is nothing new under the sun, and I knew someone would have already painted yellow and white zig zags/chevrons/Charlie Brown stripes/whatever the kids are calling them these days on a floor, and lo and behold this prettiness:

From Ish and Chi.

So yes. YES. Sign me up. I am sanding tomorrow, priming tomorrow night, and then making everyone leave the house on Saturday while I close off half of the rooms to paint these suckers. And hopefully by Monday (or perhaps  July 2012) I will have a new floor to show you. Pin It


Sweed said...

Love it! I was just looking at flooring pictures yesterday and as much as I would love (LOVE) a herringbone floor, I am not delusional enough to think I'll ever have a room big enough to handle that much pattern. This would definitely be the next best thing. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Anonymous said...

Love what you did with your floor!

BTW, I just noticed Urban Outfitters is selling that rug again if you are still interested.