Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Floor Plan"

So, as anyone who knows me (or anyone who sees this drawing) could tell you, I am not an architect.

My lovely friend Jessica, a real grown-up interior designer, took some measurements for me and drew a scale plan of my raw attic space for me in AutoCad, and then I mutilated the drawing by pasting it into Publisher and drawing little boxes and shapes all over it. But this is the only way I know how to do it, so this is what you get.

All of that gray space on top is where the ceiling is sloped too low, so most of it is storage space behind a five-foot knee wall. The bottom half of the plan used to have the same slope, until we busted through the roof and built a shed dormer

The whole left side is our bedroom. THE WHOLE SIDE. That ends up being about 16x18, which is nothing crazy for newer houses, or even more spacious older homes. But it's 2.5 times as big as our current "master" bedroom. Our kids' rooms are in the 9x10 range. My house in teensy, y'all. Anyway, I keep wandering into the unfinished space and twirling around like an idiot. All of that space! For ME us! 

So the attic stairs (which were replaced last week! More on that later!) sort of divide the space in half. We'll have a little hallway (really just a landing, I guess) at the top of the stairs, at the end of which will be my office nook. So far the only plans I have for that are building a desk out of a hollow-core door and mounting it to the wall. The ceiling on that side (the front of the house) is slanted, so I can't do much in the way of vertical storage. I have found some cute ideas for hallway offices on Pinterest, like this one

Back to my "floor plan"! From the hallway, you can turn left and go through some mini french doors into the aforementioned giant (to me) bedroom, or you can go right (through a glass pocket door, which delights me to no end) into my our master bathroom. I'm pretty sure our new shower is the same size as our old downstairs bathroom. Also, we are very fancy with our water closet. This is pretty much the Spelling mansion now.

On the other side of the bathroom is our closet space. Someone (ME! That's who!) had the clever idea to install washer-dryer hookups in the closet, since it backs up to plumbing anyway. Now, I don't know when exactly we'll be able to buy a nice little front loader set, but I don't think we'll be hauling the set that's currently in the basement up the steps anytime soon. It's just nice to have the hookups there, and to know we'll eventually be able to do some laundry where we actually keep our clothes and linens. I hate trudging up and down the rickety basement steps to do laundry (I guess that's why Seth does it. Aw). 

So, that's the layout. That is what we are working toward right now, and that's what has taken over our house since before Christmas. Our house is TORN UP. Clothes everywhere, plastic sheeting, and goofy baby exersaucer plastic craziness thrown in for good measure. There are always random dudes coming in and out, and Graham is always making them uncomfortable, trying to be friends with them, asking them to hug him when they leave, wanting to discuss the solar system with them. Poor guys.

If you (Mom?) are interested in my ideas for the space once it's finished, my Pinterest board for the whole upstairs is right here. Follow me for up-to-the-minute breaking news about grout selections, or what pillow I'm currently too poor to order!

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Amy Sao Joao said...

I love it so much! I can't wait for it to all be done.

I'm pretty sure my retired dad still has some appliance hookups. Just keep him in mind whenever you're ready to buy the new w/d!

Emily said...

Amy, sweet! Thank you for that.

Marianne said...

EEEEE! I am just so excited!