Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bowl-O-Rama Bits and Pieces: Food Labels

Well, it's been a month since Graham's Backyard Bowl-o-Rama party, but I wanted to touch on a couple of the details. I am nothing if not punctual. Today, dear readers (Mom), let's talk about that problem that keeps us all awake at night: food tags.

I know I've touched on my themed food disease before. I can't help it. Graham's party was no exception--if I couldn't think of a dorky, bowling-related name for it, we didn't serve it.

I made little tags for these treats based on the image from Graham's invitation (it reminded me of a strike or something; I'm not really sure why I chose it. There are only so many Microsoft Autoshapes, people).

But! Then I was faced with the issue of how to display these little . . . strikey-starbursty things. So I scrounged around my kitchen because that's how I roll. I'll be danged if I'm going to buy place card holders for some four-year-old's rice krispie treats--excuse me, "peanut gutter balls."  

I had lollipop sticks left over from my attept at cake pops, so I just needed something to jab them into. My solution was . . .

Play-Doh! I have no shortage of the stuff, so I just rolled it into balls and used the lolly sticks to poke some bowling-ball-esque holes into it.

My attempts at bowling pins were a little less successful (I'm no sculptor, OKAY?), but we live and learn (and we still should not buy placecard holders for four-year-olds. Please agree with me on this).

Anyway, there you go. Play-Doh and sticks. Another solution for the crippling combination of theme-OCD and poverty.

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