Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Hangover

Man, Halloween is exhausting. And we didn't even go to any grown-up parties or bars; we just stuck with kid-friendly trick or treating and wholesomeness. Still, I am worn out. But I wanted to share these pictures of my little nerd goblins before too much time passed.

Graham was the solar system. I spray-painted a bicycle helmet bright yellow, then I painted styrofoam balls as planets and attached them with floral wire. I found inspiration here and just kind of tweaked their design to fit my kid's OCD issues and big head.

We ended up having to put a ski cap on under the helmet to keep it stable. It had been sliding around on his head and endangering the planets.
This is the creepy face he makes when he knows he's being photographed.

I kept with the spacey theme (not Kevin Spacey, but maybe that will be our theme for next year) by dressing Dean as a rocket. This costume cost less than a dollar. I used an old car windsheild shade thing we had lying in the basement. I just cut out the shape of a rocket and affixed red felt to it. We pinned the cutout to Dean's Baby Bjorn, and he peered out of the little window cutout. Easiest costume ever.

He actually kind of loved it!

This was only Graham's second time to trick or treat, and he was really into it this year. The costume held up okay (Uranus fell off, har har), but he was happy to remove the helmet by the end of the night.

Graham got a bag (well, an alien head?) full of candy, so he was thrilled. He kept sneaking more and more candy, as well as these eyeball cake pops I made.

By the end of the night, Seth and I were just happy he hadn't thrown up. Yay, Halloween. Pin It

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