Friday, February 18, 2011

Dulcie's Winter One-derland

My sweet niece Dulcie turned one at the end of January, and we celebrated on a sunny Saturday afternoon. For weeks prior (and the week after), however, the weather had been snowy and freezing. The surprise sunshine didn't keep the popular Winter "One"-derland theme from being completely adorable.  Her mother (and my baby sister), Mary Ruth, is fantastically talented at creating charming, whimsical decorations for next to nothing, and this  party was no exception. Many of the snowflake- and winter-themed decorations she snagged after Christmas for 75% off!

Everything was sweet and charming, and Dulcie had a fantastic time (and her first taste of cake)! The turquoise and red color scheme (which everyone knows I'm obsessed with) was tailor-made for their cute house.

Our sweet friend Jennifer (whose shower I featured here) made a gorgeous banner with the new Cricut she received for Christmas. 

Mary Ruth made a smaller banner to go over the food table. Please ignore my son's fistful of bread in the bottom left corner. Once that kid spots a plate full of rolls, it's all over.

Sweet and salty goodness: white chocolate-covered pretzel rods with color-coordinated sprinkles.

Some snowy blue and red treats. I got to make the marshmallow pops, which were super cute, but does anyone actually eat those things? It's like an adorable diabetic coma on a stick.

There were "snowy" coconut cupcakes for the guests . . . 

And a "giant cupcake," expertly decorated by my mom, for Dulcie's smash cake. 

A smash it she did!

The guests enjoyed coffee and hot cocoa with wintery fixin's, like giant marshmallows and candy canes.
The gifts were placed on some smartly coordinated fabric that Mary Ruth happened to have.

Happy Birthday, sweet Dulcie Lou! Thank you for letting us share your special day!

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