Thursday, January 26, 2012

Movin' on UP

I have been a poor blogger. Besides the excuse of the holidays, I had an intense, 7-week, out-of-the-blue freelance assignment (Yay, money! Boo, poor timing!) that just swallowed me up over Christmas and through the new year. I feel like I just came up for air last week. AND in addition to all that crazy business, I offer you this poorly written story.

Once upon a time there was a young couple who bought their first home.
It was modest, but they loved it's blank-slateyness, and they especially loved the neighborhood it was in.

They tore up lots of green carpet, painted and repainted (and repainted) the inside, and sort of neglected the landscaping.

Somewhere along the way, they also acquired two elderly chihuahuas and had two little boys, and the tiny house felt positively miniscule.

The little family began to trip over each other in the hallway and the bathroom.

The couple considered their options:
  1. Move out to the suburbs, where they could afford double the house but  miss their neighborhood and their three-minute commute terribly
  2. Try to find a bigger house in their own neighborhood that they could afford (also known as the Imaginary Option), or 
  3. Expand the teensy house to accommodate their growing family.
After YEARS of fighting over the toilet and keeping their clothes in their children's bedroom closets like animals considering these options carefully, the wife couple demanded decided to dig in their heels, stay in the house and neighborhood they so loved, and BLOW THE ROOF OFF THE SUCKER.

That's right--we're going up! Our attic, which spans the entire length of our house, is being built out to become a big ol' (well, by our standards) master suite! We are the MASTERS. What what?

This is what we used to see when we climbed the stairs to our attic:

And this is what we saw for a couple days back in December:

And now here's that same corner:

My usual apologies for the iPhone pictures, but I have no decent camera, and with the money we are bleeding into this upstairs, momma ain't gettin' one anytime soon, mmkay?

Anyway, that is about what it looks like right now. I'll share floorplans soon, and we have electrical and plumbing in, but that doesn't look like much. We passed our HVAC, plumbing, and framing inspections this week, so onward to insulation and drywall!

We are beyond excited because this will completely change the way we live in our house. Pin It