Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving in My Teensy House

I offered up my miniature house for Thanksgiving dinner festivities last Thursday night. It seemed like a good idea in my head. As Thanksgiving drew near, and both my sisters confirmed that their tall-tall boyfriends would be in attendance, in addition to my not-so-short father, my house felt like it was shrinking by the minute. My little pedestal table normally seats four, six with a leaf inserted.

We had to pull out the old dining room table from the basement, since it has two leaves and is crazy long. We borrowed some chairs from our friends Frank and Brandon, and their slipcovers just happened to merge perfectly with our decor! We also moved the buffet to avoid the situation of having guests with their backs pressed directly against dishes of sweet potatoes and cornbread dressing.

It turned out really well! I loved getting to use my china and crystal and gigantic tablecloth. It was still a tight squeeze to get to the buffet, but I was the only one who had to move, instead of one whole side of the table getting up and shuffling around every time someone wanted seconds.

I tried to add a little more fall color with some mums, a lucky find at Kroger on the manager’s special markdown table. All they needed was a little water and they perked right up. In fact, they still look pretty good. I stuck the cheap plastic pots down into my enamel flower pails to dress them up.

We lit a fire in the fireplace (well, a starter log, but whatever), shipped the dogs off to their “grandmother’s” house for the night, and had a wonderful time with everyone.

Next up: Christmas decorating. We face some special challenges this year, in addition to our usual budget and space constraints. Graham is in destroyer-mode all the time now, it seems, and we can’t figure out what to do with our Christmas tree to keep him from pulling it to the ground and shattering our ornaments.

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