Sunday, March 1, 2009

Appliances: The Gathering

I mentioned earlier that we remodeled our entire kitchen for under $5000, and that included appliances. We scored some crazy deals on a dishwasher, range, fridge, and over-the-range microwave on Craigslist--all of these appliances together cost us a whopping $500!

I had originally wanted stainless appliances, but I don't like how many of them (the smaller refrigerators, especially) are black on the sides. I didn't think that would look nice with my bright, white kitchen. My cabinetry would cover up most of the black siding on a range, but not on a big refrigerator. I lust after Fisher Paykel fridges--they're stainless all the way around. Swoon. One day I'll scrape together enough cash to get one of my very own. When that time comes, I'll also upgrade the rest of my appliances. Until then, though, I decided to get some budget-friendlier white appliances.

Lucky for me, plenty of people sell white appliances on Craigslist all the time (presumably while they're updating their own kitchens to stainless! Ha!). I got the dishwasher ($100), smooth-top electric range ($125), over-the-range microwave ($75) all from the same seller who was remodeling his own kitchen. Everything was in great condition, though the dishwasher and range needed just a little touch-up appliance paint.

The refrigerator was my best find. I needed a very specific, small size, with a door that opened to the left, AND I was really hoping for a model with the freezer on the bottom. I had pretty much decided to pay retail for this ideal fridge, when I spotted the exact thing I was looking for seconds after it was posted on Craigslist for $200. I dispatched my husband immediately to get it. The man selling it had used it as an extra fridge in his garage for beverages, and it was practically brand-new, the energy saver sticker still dangling from the shelf inside. SCORE.

Not only were these appliances a complete steal, but I further offset their cost by selling my own old range and dishwasher (on Craigslist, of course!) for a total of $200, making my net total for new appliances a grand $300. This method doesn't work for everyone--maybe you don't have time to wait for the right deal, your kitchen requires very specific appliances, or you don't have access to a truck to collect your menagerie of cast-off appliances. But if you don't mind exercising some patience, using some elbow grease to clean things up, and acting as your own delivery/installation person, you can save hundreds on your appliances. Pin It

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