Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hallway to Hell

Well, hell is a bit dramatic (but only a bit). I apologize; I'm just a sucker for a titular pun on a goofy old AC/DC song. But my hallway is the saddest "room" in the house. It's dark and dreary, even though I've painted it the palest, cheeriest light yellow I could find. The bare bulb in the ceiling is just the prison-flavored icing on the sadness cake. I'm hoping to remedy the lighting situation soon (I mean, we've only lived here SEVEN years, cut me some slack), but I really think it's time to address the floor.

Real parquet flooring is cool, but this. This is not real anything. It's two sheets of veneer that bears the traces of old carpet glue and scratches and paint splotches, and the faint remains of a blotchy wax finish. I thought we'd be able to just pry it up and find hardwoods underneath, like we did in the rest of the house. We'd refinished the living room and dining room floors for continuity at the same time we installed our kitchen floors, and this was the plan for the hallway, too.

Alas, what lies beneath is not matching oak hardwood, but the angled pine boards that serve as our subfloor throughout the house. Too gappy and flexible to leave on their own. So, eventually we'll run matching oak flooring through the hallway, probably when it's time to refinish the bedrooms (I can't even imagine how fun that will be). Until then, I want to try something a little more creative and a lot less expensive.

I used to dismiss stencils as country-craftsy, Becky Home-Ecky. But I've seen so many adorably stenciled floors lately that have totally changed my mind. Look at this green gorgeousness, from Apartment Therapy LA:

And this happy yellow from Design Sponge:

How sunshiney and un-prisonlike is that?

I knew I wanted something graphic, and in a similar yellow and white scheme (but a darker yellow than the walls).

At first I looked at Greek key designs, chain patterns, and knot motifs.

That didn't seem quite fun enough, and I wanted more curves, so I moved onto damasks and floral medallion-type stuff.

But that felt just slightly too foofy, and I only liked the very large scale medallions, which would overwhelm my teensy hallway.

Then I stumbled upon Moroccan-inspired stencils. Jackpot! Curvy yet graphic, classic but not stuffy or fussy. I considered this Moroccan lattice one, but again, the large scale was a problem. I was definitely on to something with the Moroccan theme, though.

I finally decided on this Moorish-tile pattern, which reminds me a lot of the ubiquitous Pottery Barn (no longer available from Pottery Barn, but often found on eBay):

So come this Friday (gotta wait 'til momma gets paid), I'll order this stencil and get down to business. I'm sticking with my yellow and white idea, which will look a whole lot like the PB rug, but topped with lots of shiny, happy polyurethane. Stay tuned! It will soon be the swankiest prison hallway in town.
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Delightful Dahlia said...

I think this hallway will look amazing. I will have to stop back and see the finished work!