Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hypothetical Nursery for a Hypothetical Girl

I mentioned a couple posts back that we had been considering having Baby #2 in the Spaghetti Arms house. We have no concrete plans yet; it's just an idea we're slowly warming to.

Before I had Graham, I thought that I always wanted a little girl. Now that I have him, I've found out how great little boys can be, and I realize I'd be happy either way--if Baby #2 (who is, I must remind you, hypothetical at this point) turned out to be a boy, we'd already be so prepared with all of Graham's hand-me-downs. If we had a girl, we would get to have a totally new experience this time around. If we have twins, well, we'll have to sell our house, so let's not think about that just yet.

In my typical fashion, I have begun to plan for this hypothetical baby. Of course, none of my planning involves anything practical--finances, for example. But boy, do I have some ideas for a girly nursery, should the need arise.

Since I first stumbled upon them via Ohdeedoh, I have loved Baby P's nursery and Norah's nursery. Big surprise there--I love almost anything that combines turquoise and yellow. I have been thinking about how to create something similar in our guest room, the last "available" bedroom, using mostly what we already have in our house. Much like our next baby, this room is in a very abstract planning stage, but this little Polyvore mood board is a good start.

cheerful girl's nursery
Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

We already have the StorkCraft Ariel Stages crib from Graham's nursery. We had originally bought the Pottery Barn Kids Sadie rug (no longer available in store; it does pop up on eBay from time to time) for our living room, but decided against using it becasue of our two elderly dogs who don't seem to understand that rugs are not for peeing on. Graham's changing table (actually an old bookshelf) would get a makeover by simply changing out his lime green bins for bright pink ones, and the armoire I have in mind is the one my sweaters currently live in (an $85 find on Craigslist a few years back). All that's left to buy is a can of paint (Benjamin Moore's Robin's Nest) and some fun floral fabrics.

Obviously, the room (and the baby plan) need some more work and consideration, but it's fun to daydream sometimes! Pin It

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