Thursday, September 15, 2011

Countdown to the Bowl-O-Rama

Graham will be four years old in TEN DAYS. SOB. I don't even understand where the time went.

His party this year is Graham's Backyard Bowl-O-Rama. I haven't gotten everything (well, actually anything) completed yet, but here's a peek at the banner I'm putting together.

It's horribly photographed, in my longstanding tradition .Ooh, and horribly "stitched" together with my useless panoramic feature. All stitched up like Frankenstein's monster.  Luckily, my talented sister and sister-in-law will be present for the actual party to get non-horrible photos. You'll have to trust me that it actually looks quite cute in person. There will be a bowling pin on each end, and the circles are glittery, like bowling balls.

I made his invitation in Publisher, and I was pretty pleased with it, considering it's all just text boxes and clip art.

More pictures to come, whether you care or not!
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