Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Upstairs Update: Drywall Edition

Happy Valentine's Day! Here is a picture Graham drew for me.

He said, "This is me telling you 'I love you' and thinking about rockets." Well okay then. At least he's honest about his priorities.
So! The upstairs, she is rolling right along.

Where our attic door and dining room wall used to be (do you like the creepy chandelier shadows?) . . .

Is now our little stairway to heaven, har har.

Sorry, I couldn't move any further back from it to get a better shot. We have a lovely, temporary plastic wall cutting our dining room diagonally in half (to keep the drywall dust contained):

And here are some gray, indecipherable pictures! The top of the stairs, with my little office nook in the background. Note to self: do not use a rolling office chair here. That silvery business is where the air return will be, under my desk, which does not yet exist.

View from the top of the stairs, turned around. There will be a bannister on either side of the gaping hole/stairwell, and shelves or picture "gallery" space on the walls. Right in front of the window will be one of those Edison pendants the kids are liking these days.

View into the bedroom before:



During framing:

With drywall (awaiting new window):

Where the bed will go, before:

After demo:

After framing:

With drywall (and a fancy garbage bag!):

I'll spare you photos of the rest of the space--just more greige drywall that's kind of hard to distinguish from one room to another. But speaking of greige, I was testing out different color gray paints on a scrap of drywall, and I cracked up because somehow they ALL managed to look exactly like the ol' cardboardy gypsum color of the unfinished drywall.

That should keep you on the edge of your seats until next time--"Which gray will she choose?!" It will either be the top shade or the bottom one.

We are purchasing light fixtures and tile left and right. We have to go pick out carpet this week (is there anything more boring than looking at carpet? Answer: no.) and at some point a big ol' vanity (my biggest Amazon purchase ever) is arriving at my house. I can't wait to share more. And I REALLY can't wait to move up there. Pin It

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