Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In Like a Lion

Well, the upstairs renovation is creeping slowly toward the finish line. The bathroom is looking gorgeous, everything else looks pretty much the same, and the bank account is an empty little ghost town with tumbleweeds rolling through it.

Back to the bathroom, though! Our floor and shower have been tiled. By the time I get home today, I hope they will have been grouted as well. Here's a sneak peek (sorry about the paper. But isn't it MYSTERIOUS?).

Here's an equally "mysterious" shot from a little further into the room.

Our meticulous and lovely tile guy, Viktor, was run off on Friday by tornado sirens and hail (apparently he chose to brave his chances DRIVING through TORNADOES rather than retreat to the basement with us). We huddled in the basement, watching the storm's progress through all kinds of . . . interesting towns I'd never heard of.

We saw golfball-sized hail hitting our tiny basement windows and heard winds howling outside. When we emerged, we saw what hadn't melted away in the freaky eighty-degree heat.

And it took us a little while to notice this, but the storm did leave a little bit of unfortunate damage.

Graham is being a trooper. I told him we would try to fix it, but I have no idea when we'll have time, and that's the truth! Every spare minute that's not taken up with work or the upstairs renovation is filled with parties and projects.

In the next month, we have
  • Dean's first birthday (more on this to come. So much more. Seriously, you will be so sick of it.)
Momma! Stop talkin' so much about my birthday!
  •  a Godzilla-themed first birthday for Penny, whose baby shower it seems was just yesterday!
  • Camilla's second birthday party, which I hope to help with as much as possible because her mother is about to have baby number two! I was three days away from having Dean at Camilla's first birthday. Time flies, y'all.
  • a VERY special party that I am so excited to be involved with. I'll give you some hints! It involves floating candles, graduation robes, and lots of these felt banners.

Ten points if you know what this might be!

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