Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back to School Cool

Oh, hi! I wish I could tell you I have been absent from blogging because we have just been workin' away at the ol' staircase to finish the renovation. Ah haaaaa haa ha. Sadly, we have just been busy doing normal, boring, non-constructive things that have not resulted in any new stairs.

One of those things was the start of school! Our school district has moved to a "balanced calendar," with an earlier start date and more breaks throughout the year. As a result, the first day this year was August 1st! Here are my little guys, all ready for Graham's first day of kindergarten.

Dean is understandably a little confused by the situation.

If I'd had any spare time at all, which I didn't, I wanted to have a little back-to-school celebration for Graham. Hopefully as he gets older, I can make a little tradition of this for him and his friends and neighbors. I thought these pictures from Dean's first birthday back in April, "The Dean's List," were appropriate for Back to School party planning. So, (re-) enjoy these, and hopefully I'll be back soon with some house updates!

Apples for the teacher cake pops! In the background: "chex mark mix" (a stretch, I know), and "honor roll-ups."

Vintage typewriter, "smart cookies" (letter cookies from Trader Joe's), text books, a silver trophy cup, pennants.

A vintage school desk makes a great "photo booth" setting. Mini chalkboards let guests hold messages.
Pass out favors brown-bag style, with lunch bags personalized with name pennants.
Vintage cafeteria trays are fun for back-to-school snacks.

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