Friday, August 20, 2010

Graham's Big Boy Room

So, as I keep telling everyone within earshot, Graham is turning three next month. His room has stayed pretty much the same since he was born, with the exception of a lighter, striped rug, and  a stupid toddler bed that is both too large for his crib mattress and too small for a twin mattress. But I digress. He's outgrowing the toddler bed, or at least the too-small mattress that's stuffed in there with what's left of his crib bumpers, very attractively and safely. I think it's time to find a twin bed for him, and to transition the room from a nursery to a little boy's room.

I found the Circo robot twin bedding on super clearance at Target--16.99 for the whole bed in a bag! (It's pretty cheap online now, too!) The robots are adorable, but I don't want to make the room too themey. Graham hops from one favorite thing to another constantly; plus, in my experience, any theme in a room invites relatives to pile every known item within that theme upon you. ("Oooh, I brought Graham some more robot toys! And a giant inflatable robot slide! And robot curtains!") No thank you. I chose the bedding primarily because the colors work so well with his existing wall color and rug. Well, and because it was cheap.

Excuse the shoddy makeshift Publisher graphics, but here's what I'm envisioning . . .

I'm trying to use as much of his existing stuff as possible to change the room around. We'll keep the wall color and the rug (Dwell for Target, no longer available), and we'll bring in some oranges and reds to go with the bedding. I'm excited to spruce up his room a little, and I'm currently on the prowl for a twin bed (preferably with drawers underneath) and a big ol' Ikea bookshelf.

Bookshelf: Ikea Expedit, photo via Ohdeedoh. Fabric drawers: Closetmaid and Circo, from Target. Lamp: photo from Good Housekeeping; similar available at HomeGoods. Child's table: Target. Stool: Ikea. Posters: Etsy sellers sugarfresh and cutpasteprint.  Robot pillow: Branch Home. Pin It

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