Thursday, October 7, 2010


So we discussed a hypothetical girl nursery earlier (something I'm still fine-tuning). In the meantime, however, this hypothetical baby number two has become a reality! We won't know the gender until almost Christmas, but of course that hasn't stopped me from obsessively planning and replanning nurseries for any scenario.

I love red with light blue, so I dreamed up this little retro toy-inspired nursery.

I would try to make (okay, have my mom make) a crib skirt and maybe a bumper with the ticking and sock monkey fabrics. I think I'm going to opt for a real changing table this time around--Graham's makeshift bookshelf-turned-changing table is seeming awfully creaky lately, and there are plenty of options on Craigslist most of the time. Graham's green fabric cubes served us well under his changing table, so we'll just swap those out for some red ones.

I want to re-use Graham's crib, but I'll need to find a new (old) dresser (Graham's still using his), which I want to paint red. This Ikea rug was the only red and white striped option I could find under $200 (way under, at 12.99), but it's small, so I would need two together. Also, it seems to be sold out everywhere, so I have to keep my fingers crosssed. I love the retro light shade from School House Electric; in fact, I've been eyeing it for my kitchen for some time. The size of it makes more sense in the nursery, though.

The room we're eyeing for the nursery (our current guest room) has two large windows side by side, which I'd like to either dress with red roman shades, or with roller shades painted like this, but with a red stripe and lettering:

(Image originally featured in Cottage Living, from

I think my next nursery attempts will involve shared room scenarios. My only fear with this is conflicting sleep schedules, but friends of mine have made it work okay. Either way, it's fun to plan! Pin It

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