Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Chic: Jonathan Adler for HSN

I literally squealed when I saw Jonathan Adler's new line of housewares for Home Shopping Network. When I emailed some of the items to my friend Marianne, she said, "Emily, it's like that stuff was made with you in mind!" I KNOW, RIGHT? MUST PURCHASE.

I even love the name of this line: Happy Chic. Style doesn't have to mean snooty, and chic doesn't have to mean cold and austere. I do admit, though, that my fondness for bright colors and happy patterns, like these and Orla Kiely's, does have me concerned that my house is slowly turning into Pee Wee's playhouse. Oh well. Pee Wee seemed happy there, right? I can appreciate minimalism and all-white rooms and breeziness, but I need a healthy dose of cheery pattern around to keep me in a good mood.

Happy Chic is priced more affordably than Jonathan Adler's other designs, but not quite at Target-level cheap. I will have to save for some of these things or hope for them as Christmas gifts. Some of my favorites:

Peacock Pillows. At just under $100 for two, these are the priciest items in the collection, but I must have them. Still, when I drop $100 on pillows, especially ones with beading or other damage-able features, I really stress over anyone touching them or even leaning against them, which is quite counterproductive, considering they are pillows. These are just awesome enough for me to get past my issues, though (or maybe I would put them on my bed instead of on the couch, where they are in danger of Graham's peanut butter hands). I love that they are a set, and the peacocks face each other. Drool.

Pop Canister sets in red/orange (Caffeine and Carbs) or blue/green (Calories and Candy). Like I need anything else cluttering up my already teensy kitchen, but I am powerless to resist these. The fun font makes them feel sort of Christmassy to me. I might put them on the shelf on my back wall, or even in the glass-front cabinets.

Apple and Pear Tidbit Trays. Oh, my. So cute. Also candidates for the ledge shelf on the back wall, or perhaps to liven up the drab spot on top of the fridge

Tea towels in blue and green (also available in orange/pink). I have lots of fun tea towels: Orla Kiely's towels for Target, some Anthropologie clearance finds, and a few really cute patterns from World Market. I think hanging a pretty tea towel over the bar of my janky oven is the fastest way to make it look cuter and bring some personality to the kitchen. And even though I have a ton of tea towels (some might say--some being my husband--too many tea towels), I can always use more because they get dirty and need to be washed and replaced and cycled through pretty often. These are pretty reasonably priced at under $20 a set, and they'd make great hostess gifts (especially if I happen to be your hostess, har).

Mug Set in blue and orange. Okay, if I have too many tea towels, then I have waaaaay too many mugs. You can kind of see them in this photo, all stacked up in the upper right cabinets, threatening to fall on my head at any moment. But these are so great that I would probably use them on my desk at work, one for tea/coffee and the other to hold pens. My work cube is tragically greige and cluttered, and having these snazzy mugs would make a big difference. 

I like plenty of other items in the line, but these are my must-haves. I'm sure the Happy Chic line will be a big seller, and I hope that Jonathan Adler expands it later.
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