Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jack's Vintage Toy Baby Shower

My friend Mimi is pregnant, and I am so excited to be going through my own pregnancy with such a good friend. I feel a little bad that my memory has turned to such mush (see: pregnancy plus child #1) that when she asks me pregnancy-related questions, my response is usually "Uhhh, I don't remember." What better way to make this up to her than to plan a baby shower?

As this is my second go-round with the baby-having, I do not expect to be showered with anything. Well, other than spit-up and all of the other unmentionable fluids that newborns entail. Baby gear-wise, however, I have everything I need. But this is Mim's first baby, and a bit of a wonderful surprise at that, so our friends want to give her and her husband Kevin a fun party to celebrate.

Mimi has already decided that no matter the gender, she wants to decorate the nursery with vintagey toys and retro-inspired prints. I like to incorporate the nursery's colors or theme into a baby shower when I can. We'll both be finding out our babies' respective genders in the coming weeks, but the planner in me can't wait until then to dream up party plans.

First up: the boy theme. Mimi's chosen boy name is Jack, which is a perfect match for vintage toys! Hello, there's even a game called JACKS.

I have red, round lanterns that I want to use. Paired with giant hanging "jacks" (note to self: must figure out how to make giant hanging jacks), I'm hoping they'll be reminiscient of red rubber balls. I think this grouping would look stunning hanging over food and gift tables.

Most of my other inspiration comes from Bella Grace's Vintage Toy Party and Party Love's Vintage Toy Baby Shower.

I also love the idea of including Cracker Jacks, either as favors or snacks, because of their retro quality and especially because of the Jack tie-in. Retro-inspired bunting and little pennant-style flags on the cupcakes would be adorable finishing touches.

I have a strong feeling Mim's having a girl, though, so I'll post my ideas for a girlier (but still retro-inspired) shower tomorrow! Pin It

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