Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Bathroom Buddy

Man, time stands still when you are waiting for a second toilet. It's a fact.

By this evening, we should have plumbing connected/running/live/all systems go in ye olde upstairs bathroom. So excited! Here is where we stand right now. (I SWEAR I will have someone with a real, grown-up camera take pictures of this when it's done. And hey, it will just look that much better next to my smudgy iPhone "before" shots.)

From the top of the steps, looking left, the doors that lead to our bedroom:

Bedroom light fixtures are in, one coat of paint up. Our painters are so lazy! Wait, we are the painters. Oops.

Slightly better shot of the light fixture, which will be over the bed if we EVER FINISH. I liked this fixture (the Emma, from Overstock) because it's flush-mount, which we need for the 7.5' attic ceilings, but it has a chandelier quality to it. It's a little more girly/blingy/glam/whatever than I would normally go for, but I'm kind of steering the bedroom in a fancy direction, to my surprise.

Back across the hall to the bathroom. Through a pocket door (which will be painted white):

The shower, she is tiled!

I love it so much. HOWEVER, here is a good lesson for everyone. Just because you have the room  (and the crazy greed) to make your shower humongous, please take standard sizing into consideration. I liken this to the time Homer Simpson designed a car. Because the shower is not a standard size, we'll have to have glass custom cut for it. To the tune of, oh, $1800. Which we do not have at this point in the remodel, after paying for all of the other bathtastic stuff. So the shower will remain doorless for a while. We'll probably improvise with a curtain of some sort for the time being.

Shower plus wild monkey child, for scale.

Shower floor and threshold:

I hope that whoever is nice enough to come take pictures of my bathroom can capture the marble better than my phone. It is so pretty, but my pictures make it look dirty and yellow.

Our genius tile guy cut one 12x12 marble tile in half to make two corner shelves.

Vanity (needs two medicine cabinets):

Vanity from another angle (on the other side of that window is the shower):

Where my precious the tub will go (gotta touch that paint up!). Again, my "camera" (phone) makes it look so yellow. Too bad I can't buy a real camera since I went and spent all my money on marble. Oh, the irony. It's like O. Henry crafted this tale himself. What?

Anyway, that's obviously a very rough and hasty peek, but hopefully I'll have a gorgeous tub in place to take horrible photos of tonight!

Here's what's left to do:

-finish puttying/priming/painting (we took this on in order to cross a whopping $2100 off our contractor's estimate)
-install permanent stair treads (I think we're going to do this ourselves. See: the part about running out of money)
-bannister/railings/newel post
-figure out the flooring situation for the landing/hallway area
-have carpet installed
-move all our crap up there and enjoy having a bedroom larger than a phone booth! Pin It

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