Thursday, April 5, 2012

In Dean-Nial

Between the remodel (STILL GOING ON, YES) and lots of springtime fun, I haven't had much time to post as much as I'd like.

Part of why I haven't posted much about the planning of my little Dean's first birthday is because I am complete and total denial that my BABY, whom I just had YESTERDAY (and from whose gestation I am still quite large!) has been in the world almost a full year. Oh noes!

"Momma, why you don't know how old I am?"

"Momma, how come your old pants still don't fit? It's been a YEAR."
But try as I may, I can't prevent his first birthday from rolling around. It's in less than two weeks(!), and when my husband threw out the words "the Dean's List" as a joke, my eyes lit up like the crayzee person I am. Poor husband. He should know by now that I have a documented Theme Disease.

I am attempting to keep this party small, just family. It's not like Dean has any friends yet (no offense, buddy). I am also trying to limit decorations to things I can borrow, scrounge up from our house, or make easily and inexpensively. Here is a quick mood board for you.

Everything is linked and credited on my Pinterest inspiration board for the party, so if you're interested, please do check it out. You get the idea, though, right? Kind of a vintage prep-school vibe? I know Dean will appreciate my attention to detail (ha, right).

Hopefully I will be back later with updates from a truly unique party I'm helping with this weekend: a Godzilla-inspired first birthday for my friend's daughter, Penny!

Crazy adorable photos of Dean by Niki Cardwell, Stella Dolce Photography. Pin It


Marianne said...

It's really a shame that I'm going to have to steal your baby after his cute party.

Emily said...

Well, as long as it's AFTER the party.