Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tubby Time

Man, did I want to have a grand before-and-after post about the new upstairs by now. Well, long before now, actually. We are so close to the end, but we have reached the DIY phase of the construction--we are installing the closet and stairs ourselves; then our contractor will return to install safety railings, bannisters and a newel post. And between both of our jobs, chasing after the boys, and trying to keep up with everyday life, those stairs just ain't gettin' done. We've realized we're going to have to take some time off work, keeping the kids at daycare during that time, if there is any hope of finishing our project.

Until then, we've been enjoying what we can about the space, namely the bathroom. Everyone has tried out the tub, and everyone approves.

From a completely practical standpoint, I love bathing the kids in this tub because it sits higher than a standard tub (because of those little claw feet on the bottom), which means a smidge less bending and crawling around for me. I love using the handheld shower to rinse my older son's hair, and he gets a big kick out of "taking a shower."

So, we are in a remodeling no-man's-land at the moment--our bed is upstairs, but all of our clothes are in sad hoarder piles in the downstairs former bedroom because there is nowhere to hang or organize them . (When I get dressed in the morning, I rummage around in this pile and that pile, and it just makes me CRAZY, and I feel like the big pile o' trash lady from Labyrinth.) We are using the shower and bath upstairs (and the other, ahem, facilities), but we don't have medicine cabinets or shelving yet, so all of our toiletries are still downstairs. I hope to remedy some of that this weekend. Or maybe I'll just spend some quality time in the tub with my Entertainment Weekly, who knows. Pin It

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